• 700 + acres of prime industrial sites, on and off the flight line.
  • Financial and legal position of the Authority allows it to assist in financing projects for qualified firms or arrange Industrial Development Bonds.
  • Infrastructure suited towards supporting industrial development
    • Utilities
    • Wastewater Treatment
    • Fire Protection
    • Rail Access (through M+B Railroad on site. Dallas County is also served by CSX and Norfolk Southern).
    • Water access via the Alabama River to the Alabama State Port in Mobile.
    • Convenient highway / interstate access to I-65 / I-85 to the east and I-20 / I-59 to the west.
  • Abatements on:
    • Sales and Use Tax
    • Manufacturing and Equipment Sales Tax
    • Ad Valorem Tax
  • Capital Credit Program
    • The Capital Credit Program provides qualified businesses with income tax credits of 5% of the capital investment annually toward state income taxes. This program credits 5% of the company's investment for 20 years. Dallas County is a designated "Favored Geographic Area" for this Program which means that credits are available to smaller businesses investing as little as $500,000 and creating five new jobs.
  • Availability of Alabama Industrial Development Training through Wallace Community College – Selma:
    • Ability to provide pre and post-employment, training of your workers with the necessary skills to make themselves and your business more successful.
  • Labor force of 90,000 within 40 miles of Selma with skills in manufacturing, aviation, construction, communications, retail.
    • Large population of under-employed individuals with skills, education and experience.
  • Alabama is a Right-to-Work state, translates to lower labor costs and quicker start up time for industrial companies.

Current Industrial Occupants

Craig is taking off with new industries and opportunities. The list below are just some of the public and private industry partners reaching new heights with Craig Complex as their home.

  • Agri- AFC,LLC
  • Alabama Department of Corrections
  • Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA)
  • Alabama Tie & Timber
  • American Plane Painting
  • Automatic Welding Service (Rayco)
  • Bama Budweiser
  • Bruce K Elementary School
  • Cahaba Forestry
  • Craig Field Fire Department
  • Craig Field Golf Course
  • Crown Healthcare
  • D & L Construction
  • Eovations, LLC

  • FBO- Southeastern Aviation Services
  • Headstart
  • John W. Jones Terminal Building
  • Keystone Engineering
  • Lear Corporation
  • M & B Railroad
  • Plantation Patterns
  • Royal Vending
  • Seoyon E-Hwa
  • The Smoking Hut (Restaurant)
  • The Back Nine (Restaurant)
  • Timewell Drainage Products

For more information, please contact:

Wayne Vardaman, Executive Director
Selma & Dallas County EDA
phone: 334.875.8365

Jim Corrigan, Executive Director
Craig Field Airport & Industrial Authority
phone: 334.874.7419